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Frequently Asked Questions

Typical questions incoming students may have about life in Residence at UL


1.       How do I apply for on-campus accommodation?

All campus bookings must be made via our website. Please see our homepage for further information on availability. 

2.       When can I check in? If I arrive early can I check in?

Check in for Autumn semester and Full academic year has begun. Check in for Spring semester starts from 14th January.

3.       Can I check in if I have not yet paid my rent?

Full pre-payment of the semester rent or 1st instalment of rent is required before keys will be issued. This is payable on your online portal.

4.       Is my application fee/deposit part of my rent?

The application fee/deposit is separate to your rent. It becomes a damage deposit once you arrive on campus and will be returned to you after your stay as long as there is no damage to the accommodation or any outstanding bills and as long as the utilities deposit has not been exceeded.

When you applied for a room you should have paid a €50 booking fee. This becomes part of the damage deposit and you are required to top up this damage deposit by €200 before check in, to make the full deposit €250.

5. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation following room offer and prior to rental fee due date

If you cancel your room offer prior to the due date of your first instalment of rental fees, you will forfeit your €50.00 booking fee.

Cancellation following room offer and rental fee due date and prior to check in date

If you cancel your booking following the due date of the first instalment of your rental fee and prior to the check in date, you will forfeit your deposit in full.

 Cancellation after check in (2017/2018)

If you cancel your room in writing after check in you will forfeit your full deposit and you will be liable for rental fees as follows:

a. Cancellation after check in and notice is received on/before 30 September (for residents who have accepted an offer for semester 2 only, the cancellation date is 30 January)– you will be liable for 8 weeks rental fees from the date of notice.

b. Cancellation following check in and notice is received after 30 September – you will be liable for the full rental fees for semester one. No refund will apply.

(Please view licence agreement for full cancellation terms)

6. When can i pay my rental fees?

You can pay the rental fees online once you receive corespondence from cls@ul.ie.

7.      How can i pay my rent?

You can pay your rent on your online portal by logging into www.studentliving.ul.ie. You can pay by debit / credit card online. Alternatively you can call us to pay over the phone or pay by bank draft, made payable to Campus Life Services. We do not accept cheques.

8.      Who will meet me at the village?

A member of the management team will meet with you on arrival at the village. For international students please check with the International Office for meeting details or airport pick up; international@ul.ie.

9.       Where do I get my key?

Your keys can be collected from the Village Reception upon arrival.

10.       What are reception opening hours?

Each Village Reception will open for check in from 12pm on Sunday 27 August 2017. Regular service hours during the academic year are as follows:

  • 08h30 - 22h30 Monday to Thursday
  • 08h30 - 19h00 on Fridays
  • Closed on Saturdays 
  • 18h30 to 22h30 on Sunday evenings

International Students: Please advise us of late and weekend arrivals by emailing Accommodation@ul.ie 

11.       How do I know where I will be living and with whom?

Your village will be confirmed on receipt of the booking deposit.  Your apartment/house and room number will be available to you on check-in. If you have requested to live with someone, we will do everything we can to fulfill your request.  However, this is not always possible.

12.       How can my parents contact me by telephone?

There are operational telephones in every house in the villages. The number will be provided at the Village Reception on request or on the notice board beside your telephone. Please check with Village Reception upon arrival.

13.       Where will my parents & others send my mail?

Student's Name
House No.
Room No.
Plassey Village
Plassey Park Road,

Student's Name
House No.
Room No.
Kilmurry Village

Student's Name
House No.
Room No.
Dromroe Village

Student's Name
House No.
Room No.
Thomond Village

Student's Name
House No.
Room No.
Cappavilla Village /Quigley Residence

Student's Name
House No.
Room No.
Troy Village

Groody Student Centre


14.   What should I bring for my room?

You are provided with a duvet and pillows for your bed. You should bring some bed linen. Students travelling from abroad can organise this when they arrive at local stores in the area, as we will provide linen for the 1st two weeks of your stay.  For a full detail of inventory, please download the inventory list here.

15.   What is provided for in the living/kitchen area?

Each kitchen is equipped with crockery, utensils and cutlery for each resident. Kitchens are fully equipped with hob, oven & grill, refrigerator & freezer. We have multi-channel TV in the living area with comfortable seating. For a full detail of inventory, please download the inventory list here

16.   Where can I do my laundry?

You can wash and dry your laundry in the village launderette. Tokens can be purchased at the Village laundrettes or receptions to operate the machines. Washing detergent is not supplied and can be purchased at the village shop or a local store.

17.   What do I need to know about bringing a computer and setting it up in my room?

All rooms have free access to Wifi. Students may also access the wired university network from their room if they wish. For further details, please refer to the Student Computing Services link on https://itdservicedesk.ul.ie/itdservicedesk.htm. 

18.    All campus residences are non-smoking

19.   What storage will I have?

You will have ample shelving space for clothes and books, a wardrobe for hanging clothes and under-bed storage.

20.   What type of clothing would you suggest?

Many people associate Ireland with rain! Like many European countries, we do get rain so bring a raincoat and possibly an umbrella. Our winter can be cold so bring warm sweaters, scarf and hat.

21.   Who will be there in the event of an emergency?

Village Security operate in the villages and will attend to serious emergencies such as fire or serious accidents. The number for Security will be displayed on your village reception door and also in your apartments / houses.

22.   Packages – What not to do to avoid excessive charges.

Before your friends and family back home send a package to you, please ask them to check for Customs & Excise charges. We have noted in the past that some students are subjected to heavy charges, in particular when sending items such as clothes and gifts.

23.   Where is the university located in relation to the city centre? Can I walk there?

The University is located in the suburb area of Castletroy. The city centre is about 15 minutes by bus/taxi. It would take about 30 minutes to walk and this is not advisable by night.

24.   Can friends/relatives stay with me?

Only with the prior approval of the Village Manager. There may certain times of the year where we will not allow non residents come into the villages. Please check with your Village team to confirm if guests can stay at any given time. 

25.   What if I change my mind or find alternative accommodation? Do I get my deposit back?

Unfortunately, given the high demand for on-campus accommodation, you will forfeit your deposit should you wish to cancel your booking with us. Please see your booking confirmation for more details.

26.   Are the rooms insured?

Insurance for personal items such as PCs, laptops, stereos and other personal belongings is not provided. 

27.   When do I have to move out?


The departure date for students staying for the Autumn Semester only is Sunday 17th December 2017.

Students staying for the Full Academic year or Spring Semester only are required to vacate their rooms no later than 10h00 on Wednesday 16 May 2018.

The departure date for GEMS students is Sunday 17 June 2018.

If we have not answered any of your questions here please contact us on 00353-61202331 or Accommodation@ul.ie



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