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Campus Life Services Customer Charter

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Role of Campus Life Services

The role of Campus Life Services is to develop and manage student residences on campus at University of Limerick on a self-funding basis. There are five residential villages with a total of 2,500 rooms. Each village is situated in an attractive location with some residences offering captivating views of the river Shannon and surrounding countryside. The villages are a very popular choice with students as they provide them with a safe attractive living environment with all the added benefits of hassle free living with built-in services and utilities.

During the summer vacation, we utilise the facilities of the university including the student villages to offer a professional residential conference and event service. University of Limerick Conference and Sports Campus is the brand name used to market and promote these facilities and services.

The self-funding model used to develop the residences has also created the opportunity to develop a range of social and communal facilities on the campus. Whilst these facilities enhance the student experience they also help to create a pleasant working/living environment for faculty and staff at University of Limerick. The development of shops, retail units, restaurants and social amenities on the campus has forged the creation of a university town.


Our Commitment to our Customers

Campus Life Services considers its customers to be students, summer guests and the campus community.

This customer charter outlines:

  1. Quality statement
  2. Service to students and summer guests
  3. How to contact us
  4. Information on services


1          Quality Statement

Campus Life Services is committed to providing our customers with excellent residential facilities and services in a well maintained safe environment. We aim to deliver a consistently high quality service to all our customers and we strive to ensure your stay with us is a memorable experience. As part of our company mission we promise to implement our own quality assurance measures. These measures will help us measure our success in progressing our objectives, provide leadership in our areas of expertise and continually improve on our service offering.


2.         Our Service to Students

  • We develop high quality student accommodation in modern attractive residences
  • We maintain our facilities to standards that comply with relevant regulatory guidelines
  • We provide suitable accommodation for people with disabilities and special needs
  • We strive to develop and foster a community spirit amongst our students in residence
  • Our staff communicate with you in a friendly professional manner
  • We will treat all our customers fairly, impartially and courteously
  • We are positive and helpful towards our customers and respond promptly to requests
  • We aim to make our web page a primary source of information on our services and facilities
  • Working in conjunction with the university and in keeping with the University’s environmental policy we have investigated innovative means of reducing waste and strengthening our overall environmental and energy awareness
  • We support the mission of the university by providing and managing excellent support facilities and services


2.1       Our Service to Event Organisers and Summer Guests


  • We provide quality residential accommodation, catering and meeting room facilities for conference delegates and visitors
  • We provide a conference coordinator to manage your event and the service will include:
    • assistance with conference bid document
    • preparation of budgets, programme planning and meeting room scheduling
    • advice on the selection of a suitable professional conference organising company
    • co-ordination of the meeting/event from start to completion
    • acting as a third party to secure other service providers to meet any needs that University of Limerick Conference and Sports Campus are unable to fulfil
    • provision of a travel subsidy to faculty who are actively interested in inviting a conference to UL
  • After the event, your conference coordinator will:
    • prepare a final financial statement according to the agreed payment schedule
    • provide post-conference analysis and evaluation


3.         How to Contact Us


We will make it easy for you to access our services by providing a range of ways to contact us.

  • If you wish to contact us by phone, you can expect that we will:
    • Answer your telephone calls quickly
    • Answer your call by stating the name of the department and the name of the person
  • If you contact us by email, you can expect that we will:
    • Respond to your query within 48 hours. If for whatever reason we are unable to carry this out we will contact you to discuss your query and let you know when you can reasonably expect a response by an agreed date and in an agreed format.


  • If you visit our offices, you can expect that we will:
    • Meet you at the agreed time
    • Provide a suitable meeting space
    • Communicate with you in a professional manner.


  • If you visit our website, you can expect to see:
    • Relevant, accurate updated information on our services and facilities
    • Where appropriate we will provide on-line application forms
    • We will provide on-line facilities for customer feedback and complaints



4.         Information on Services

4.1       Being Accessible to You


Our staff will endeavour to deal with your queries or complaints in an efficient responsive way and we aim to provide you with timely, accurate information at all points of contact.


  • Our normal business hours are 09:00-17:30 Monday to Friday, lunchtime closing from 13:00-14:00
  • During term time our Village Reception hours are 08:30-23:00 Monday/Tuesday/ Wednesday/Thursday. Friday 08:30-19:00 and Sunday 19:00-23:00. We are closed on Saturdays
  • During our conference season our Village Receptions are open from 08:00-21:00 and special arrangements are made for guests arriving outside these times
  • There will be a member of Campus Life Services staff on call 24 hours to respond to all out of hours emergencies.


4.2       We will Consult our Customers


  • We conduct regular surveys and focus groups with our customers to help us identify your needs and expectations. These surveys and focus groups provide valuable data that will help us monitor our progress on delivery of service to you and improve our services into the future.
  • We hold regular meetings with all our staff to evaluate customer opinions that have been expressed either verbally or in writing and based on the information we receive we aim to amend and implement  procedures that will allow us to improve our services.


4.3       We will be Accountable


  • We aim to be ethical in our behaviour in every aspect of our services and we aim to establish successful relationships with students, summer guests, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • We aim to improve our service and we will continuously monitor our performance against best practice guidelines.
  • If you have any comments at a positive level or if you wish to make a complaint please contact us by using one of our feedback processes.
  • We will monitor and analyse the number of complaints and other customer feedback to see how our services and facilities can be continually improved.
  • We will be positive and helpful towards our customers, respond promptly to requests and, when asked, provide reasons for any decisions.


4.4       When You Complain


  • Despite our best efforts, we know that sometimes problems do arise. When you are discussing a problem with a staff member you can expect that we will listen and note every detail of your complaint. We would ask that a calm and courteous approach is adopted by all parties which will make it easier for us to respond quickly and efficiently to your concerns.
  • We will advise you of the outcome of your complaint while updating you on our progress within 7 days of receiving your complaint if necessary.


4.5       We Welcome Feedback


  • If we have made an error, we will:
    • Apologise, explain what went wrong and why
    • Learn from the experience and revise our procedures to avoid the error recurring
  • You can submit feedback in the following ways:
    • Submit your feedback online. Every webpage has a feedback submission facility
    • Email your feedback to Deirdre.Ryan@ul.ie at our Head Office
    • In person in any of our offices/Village Receptions on campus
    • By telephone on +353 61 202433

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